Financial Management Group, LLC

Focus Areas

Our specific areas of focus are:

  • Asset Purchase and Sale, Due Diligence, Modeling and Valuation – FMG represents buyers and sellers arranging purchases and sales of electric generation assets. We represent energy and environmental firms throughout the US and internationally, raising permanent equity and debt financing and development stage funding for power projects, providing project economics and due diligence support, and completing the valuation of viable and troubled projects and portfolios of generation facilities.
  • Project Finance and Development – Business Plans, Economic, and Finance Advice Our specialty is high level clear presentation of economic and financial advice to energy projects. The advice provided for variety of instances, from every day operation, future planning to support of development. We prepare business plans and financial structuring for projects. We provide companies our dedicated expertise for transactions including structuring and modeling work for partnerships in regard sale and restructuring. We organize development and the conceptualization of the fundamental project and move it forward based on today’s market.
  • We also arrange funding through joint venture partnerships.  FMG provides its clients with early stage development, siting and permitting support, and negotiation of third party operating agreements, power purchase contracts, and business partnership arrangements. We have also sold Emission Reductions Credits to raise capital or provide revenue supplement for project financing.
  • Electric Market Advice – Based on our involvement in deregulation and new markets, we advise companies on the New England electric markets. We also prepare and execute marketing of power to load serving entities.
  • Deregulation, Transmission and Interconnection Advice – A key participant in the deregulation and restructuring of the electric utility market in the Eastern United States.  Provided financing, guidance through transmission interconnection approval process, and/or advice on the configuration of certain electric generation facilities.