Financial Management Group, LLC


Forward Capacity Market - Completed the largest ISO-NE Forward Capacity Market Obligation transfer via auction & bilateral contract.
Acquisition / PPA - Advised utility in search, pricing & acquisition of a generation to serve load. Provided PPA alternative, which lead to contract.
Sounding Board to State Legislator - Energy planning, portfolio structuring for renewable’s incl. costs, & balanced resources.
Pro Forma Economic Modeling - Two biomass combustion facilities, financial advisor for structuring and PPA.
Due Diligence and Valuation - Led group for the purchase of a 792 MW natural gas facility in New England.
Financial Advisor - 620MW dual fueled combined cycle project leading to a $1.4 billion capital funding. Included completion of all pro forma economics and financing models, and preparation of an initial information memorandum. Arranged equity funding. Provided project economic, power sales, structuring and financing from early development stage. Negotiation of a Tolling agreement, precedent agreements for transportation of gas and fuel oil, fixed price, date and performance guaranteed EPC contract. Project was constructed and is in commercial operation.
Cost of service  - Reliability Must Run (RMR) FERC for 230 MW power plant in New England.
Acquisition  - Valuation and purchase and sale arranger for 230 MW power plant in New England.
Business plan and Funding  - 50 MW biomass project, financial structuring, economic model and raised funds for development.
Legislative Support  - Joint formulation and support of Ct. Legislation for the DPUC approval of Capacity Contracts for new generation. For lack of long-term market for new electric capacity, developed concept where a state agency seeks new capacity 15 a year contract.
Market Advice - Rules, market prices, and prospects for long term energy, capacity and ancillary services sales. Power sales solicitation to municipal electric entities for a generation project. Member NEPOOL Committees for projects and major utility for years. Participated in formation of rules, studies and policy regarding Forward Capacity Market, Standard Market Design, Capacity, Energy Loads and Transmission formation.
PPA Buyout  - Provided valuation and modeling involving a project in Massachusetts. Provided economic and market advice for the project post buyout of the PPA.
FERC Testimony  - Transmission upgrades, saved $80MM, Won – For NYPA and KeySpan, against NYISO / Con Edison $80 million assessment for transmission upgrades.
Valuation and modeling  - Various portfolio and single asset purchases for large customers, including competition, market rules and value including many different technologies.
Arranged funding  - 70 MW emergency peaking project in Stamford, CT.
Development Funding  - Raised development equity funding for development stage power projects.
International Debt  - Closed the international senior debt project financing for a offshore gas project. Also international business plan waste-to-energy project in Norway.
Permitting  - Led and completed the permitting of an 85 MW peaking unit in Massachusetts.